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You get to the settings via the cog wheel icon in the sidebar/menu.

The seetings consist of 3 sub pages:

  • User
  • Organization
  • Pro Plan

User settings

Here, you can change the settings for your user account.

This includes your name, login credentials, as well as security measures like Two-Factor Authentication.

You can also change your local time zone and the theme for the application.

Via the "Hide Hints" toggle button, you can decide whether you want to see some in-app guidance or rather work with a cleaner interface (when you are already used to the application).

Here, you can also delete your account, in case you decide to leave our offering (we would love to get some feedback via email in this case!).

Organization settings

As the application is built to be worked with as a team, your account is linked to an organization. You can delete a user account, while keeping an organization and all created data. There is no important data linked to a user. It is all bound to your organization instead.

The organization also acts as identify for any invoice and payment details. Therefore, you should keep this data up to date.

You can also upload your logo, which then will appear on any related emails.

When you delete the last user, the organization and all data will get deleted as well.

API Keys

At this page, you also create and manage any API keys.

When creating a new key, you can make it last forever or expire at a specific point in time.

You can also always temporarily disable a key or delete it.

Pro Plan settings

Here, you see you current license and available monthly events (also shown in the side bar).

When you don't have a plan yet, you can purchase it here.

When you have an active plan, you can also cancel your subscription at the bottom of this page - or update your payment details.

For Regular and Enterprise plans, you can activate the auto-scale option. With this enabled, you will never run out of monthly events, since they get auto-purchased on a pay-per-use basis. Find more details about that at this page or the FAQ at our homepage.