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Managing your Team

You can invite as many people to your team as you want!

This comes at no additional cost! Our competitors must hate us for this...

Roles & Rights

Team members work within the same organization and can access all elements, like events, styles or templates.

There are 2 roles:

  • Admin
  • Member (default)

The only difference between: Members cannot manage the team, the plan, the organization, and API keys.

The Overview

At the Team page, you get an overview of the people having access to your organization.

Next to the name (and email address or invited status), you find their role, whether they are using 2-Factor-Authentication (TFA) and when they logged in the last time.

Those information help you to manage your team in terms of usage and security.

On the very right side of each user, you find action buttons to change their role or delete them.

Open in the app ❯

Inviting Team Members

The invitation form is below the overview table and simply requires a valid email address.

On invitation, the respective user receives an email that needs to be confirmed. This email expires after 7 days!

You can re-send the invite via the respective button next to the user in the overview table

Changing Roles

You can easily upgrade or downgrade a user from the Team overview page via the respective button next to the targeted user.

You can even downgrade yourself, but only if there is at least 1 other admin.

Be aware that other admins can downgrade you as well!

Removing Team Members

To remove a person from the team, you simply need to click the trash can icon next to the user and confirm the notification.

As there are no elements linked to a specific person, but only the organization, there is no big risk in that process. You can re-invite people anytime.