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How to integrate Buttons and RSVP Forms with Next.js

Step 1: npm installation

Since Nextjs does not play that nicely with web components, we strongly recommend to use our official React Wrapper package instead of the default one.

It already mitigates all the potential problems and issues.

npm install add-to-calendar-button-react

Step 2: Import it

Import the module into the component, where you want to use the button.

import { AddToCalendarButton } from 'add-to-calendar-button-react';

Step 3: Use it

Start using it by adding a <AddtoCalendarButton proKey="prokey-of-your-event" /> tag to your source code.

use client!

The button works only on the client side!

You should add 'use client'; respectively.

Bring your own button

Alternatively, you can also trigger the button or form programmatically via the atcb_action function. Mind that this will force a modal to appear.

When working with the npm package, you would need to import the atcb_action first:

import { atcb_action } from "add-to-calendar-button-react";

You should also provide a HTML element as second parameter. Event it is optional, it optimizes the UX; especially for keyboard navigation.

In the following example, we also use this element as trigger onClick:

const button = document.getElementById('my-custom-button');
button.addEventListener('click', () => atcb_action({ proKey: "prokey-of-your-event"}, button));